Groundhog New Media

Little Lou and his adviser/associate have developed a new media business: Groundhog New Media. This entity is the publisher of a variety of books that might be of interest to everyone … from active privately-held business owners to occasional lovers of poetry.

Here are some of the first publications:

This #1 International Best Selling Book guides you through the Most Important Decision a Business Owner Will Ever Make

Sooner or later, as the owner of privately held company, you are going to sell your business. The thought of it can be overwhelming and confusing. The question is how can you ensure that you receive the best price and most favorable terms with the least amount of stress?

Business valuation and sales expert Richard Mowrey shows you exactly when and how to successfully sell your business through an actionable, financially rewarding series of steps.  Don’t delay get your copy now!                     Order Today at Amazon

This is a new book of: Poetry on love, loss, life, and the promise for tomorrow

Open your heart and free your emotions with this uplifting and thought-provoking collection of poems. Rollins’ prose will free your deepest loving thoughts as you explore your highest, most meaningful, and most tender feelings of love in its many different dimensions and forms.

Much, much more than a book of poetry on love, loss, and dreams forever.These poems, complemented by supporting illustrations, were crafted to set you free to journey down your own broadening road of mindfulness, introspection, and renewal. Take a few small steps sideways from your daily routine to be reminded of the importance of love in your life; of family; and even of your furry friends who model daily, love and devotion.

Paperback Version Just $9.99