What will Little Lou Do Next?

Cute groundhog cartoonI keeping thinking about all the fun that surrounds Groundhog Day and cannot wait for the next year. Lucky for me, I do not get involved in the “formal” activities here in Punxsutawney and all the work and preparation. It is amazing… the Groundhog Club seems to be always doing things to make it a better and better experience for visitors. That is all “grown-up” stuff that I fortunately do not know a lot about or have to do!

As I sit here today, I wonder what I can do to have some fun before the next big, big day? I love to go to Amish country to eat interesting food and wonder around to see all the crafts and furniture. And, it has been a while since I have been north to see the ELK. (They are huge!) Maybe I can get someone to take me soon. I also want to see the steam engines again in Cool Spring. They are loud and amazing; not to mention the historic uses of the engines that the “old folks” tell me about.

The Groundhog Club always has a list of great activities so you should check out the schedule of fun times that are happening here winter, spring, summer and fall.

Or maybe… I will start a fun business today!  Wow.. would that be neat!  Wonder what I should do?  And…who can help me?  UPDATE: Those were my thoughts yesterday – But, now…I now have a business for you and me!  Just click the menu button on the top to see what you will find at: Groundhog New Media.

The Punxsutawney Chamber of Commerce highlights community gatherings and important meetings and has lots of resources for business development on their website.